Welcome to A&E Aesthetic Dentistry, LLC
Our new office is conveniently located in a nice residential area of Paramus, New Jersey. Calm private settings and relaxing atmosphere will make your presence here comfortable and soothing.
Our doctors received an extensive training in different aspects of dentistry. In addition to comprehensive care in general dentistry we do perform special services, such as root canal treatment, periodontal surgery, TMJ treatment, orthodontic treatment, implants.
Our goal is to give you personalized dental care and highest quality treatment. We stay advanced in the latest techniques and technologies to assure the best for our patients.
Our philosophy is to present all reasonable treatment options available to you with risks and benefits of each to help you to make the most intelligent decision. We pay a lot of attention to patient education and want you to understand principles that we use in our practice.
Our hope is to establish good strong relationships with our patients based on trust and respect. Honesty and appreciation are our main principles and we value same features in our patients.

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